Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac and Windows 8 – Quirky

Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac and Windows 8 – Quirky

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On August 3, 2012
Last modified:August 29, 2012


This week I tried the latest Windows 8 version on my Mac using Parallels Desktop 7, and found a few sources of concern to say the least.

One of the features I find so powerful with Parallels Desktop for Mac is the ability to copy and paste pictures and text between the two operating systems. Recently my ability to do that broke, and I cannot seem to find an answer.

Is my suspicion that in Windows 8 Customer Preview They Have Tightened up Some Security. When I I go looking for the Windows drives in Mac’s Finder they just aren’t there. From the Windows side I used to be able to see in the Explorer the host drive on the Mac. It’s all gone, and I really miss it.

There is conflicting data on resolving this. Some entry say you have to update parallels tools for Windows anytime you update parallels itself. As in a manual process. No big deal as you can see in the screenshot. Other entries say that parallels tools is updated automatically when you update parallels.

Either way, it’s just not happening. Since I use Time Machine and Parallels also backs up my Windows 8 Consumer Preview I’m very tempted to uninstall Parallels and take another run at it again.

Parallels Desktop 7 Windows 8 preview

At the risk of insulting the Operating System Religious the reality is both OS X and Windows have something to offer. It’s not necessarily in the OS itself. Take for example TechSmith and its program SnagIt. I believe the firm has some very enlightened management. You buy a license for SnagIt, and you can install on both your Windows and your OS X. The only condition is they cannot be used simultaneously. That is certainly fair enough.

SnagIt on the OS X side does not have the maturity that SnagIt on the Windows side does. Yes version 2 has improved SnagIt for OS X (Mac). The first version I would not even considered buying. I gave it a try and said no way. I am now actually using SnagIt V2 for Mac. In honesty we call it: capable, not full-featured.

If you have to work with graphics SnagIt on Windows is incredibly powerful. And that is why I miss my ability to share disk space between the two OSes. Especially since I only have to buy one SnagIt.

I was able to get my basic screenshots on the Mac side, then have the very powerful editing and annotation tools for SnagIt on the Windows side.

Barring this I now have to do silly things like e-mail a graphics file to myself and then pick it up on the other side. No fun.

I’m annoyed enough about this, to look at uninstalling Parallels, and reinstalling.

Parallels Desktop7 Windows 8

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