Parallels and Mountain Lion Review

Parallels and Mountain Lion Review

Review of: Mountain Lion

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On July 28, 2012
Last modified:August 29, 2012


Upgrading to Mountain Lion went on okay and Parallels was undisturbed in the process. There are still many things Apple must work to improve, though - including the speech recognition piece.

There is a famous saying which says it ain’t over until it’s over. Apple developers have had some time to testing and tuning for Apple’s Mountain Lion OS X 10.8.

However experiences show me you can’t count on it until it’s out. While I was not overly scared of rolling Mountain Lion on top of Lion, truth be told, I was a little scared. Not overtly because I do run Time Machine as well as Parallels backup of my Windows 8 install. Still and all nobody likes to go and spend a lot of time restoring. This is especially true if you lose your host OS.

Without too much to go on  except for hope I went and did the deed. Spoiler alert: (it worked out just fine). Actually downloading Mountain Lion took almost 24 hours. I don’t why because I am not a poor connection. I suspect Apple’s servers were getting slammed pretty hard, so they were dribbling the bits out slowly.

From there I started the install, with my heart rate just slightly elevated. The mini Mac I am working on does not have a built-in optical drive, as I opted for the two 500 GB 7200 RPM drives. As I rarely use optical media these days, I was wincing at how slow a USB 2 build would be from my Lion disk. It’s one thing to screw the pooch on a guest OS. Mucking up your host would make for a very long day.

To be on the safe side, I had shut down the Windows 8 virtualized host however I let Parallels stay running. It took about 30 min. for Mountain Lion to prepare to take over. When it was ready it cleanly and politely shut down Parallels.
Parallels on Mountain Lion Review
It then took about another 20 min. for to set all itself up. Parallels loaded up without a hitch. All the customization of my Windows 8 virtualized machine intact.

While I have your attention I want to make couple comments on Mountain Lion. So far it appears what you have read is true, it’s the best OS X ever. I have not played with the social media tools located in the upper right-hand corner.

The Safari browser seems faster than before.

Parallels Mountain Lion Results

I am clearly not very pleased with Mountain Lion as far speech recognition goes. Technically it seems to work rather well. And it is clumsy. You either have to use the drop-down menu or a keyboard hotkey to start your spoken text. Then you have to click done. Then it sends of this audio to Apple’s Mothership. Then the text comes back you. In other words completely worthless without an Internet connection.

It looks like it’s okay for a short SMS type message.

I would not want to say create this tutorial/review with it.

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